20 July 2009

[media-sumut] Lake Toba Has Still Millions of Secrets

Lake Toba Has Still Millions of Secrets

Lake Toba Has Still Millions of Secrets

lake-toba-by-jungle_boyParapat has been long time known as the tourist's town. One says that Parapat is a must see if you visit North Sumatera. For Malaysian tourists, Lake Toba has still been chosen as their destination. Perhaps, it is due to the surface of Malaysian soil as the source of their living originated from volcanic eruption sediment of Mount Toba. When they are invited for seminar in Medan, visiting Parapat will be one of the schedule activities on their own initiative. They will use rental car to go Parapat and Samosir Island.

The beauty of the lake and its potency are not equal to the amount of visitor and their attitude, and there are much thing neglected. Nowadays, Parapat is no longer attractive to visitor. Decline of tourist arrival in Parapat does not mean that Lake Toba has lost its exoticism. Parapat, of course, is not Lake Toba. The lake itself still keeps millions of appeals. Unfortunately, potency of Lake Toba is not wellpackaged and wellpromoted. Perhaps, we are not able yet to do it now or forever.

The existence of Lake Toba is very "extraordinary". It was formed by gigantic volcanic eruption about 75.000 thousands years ago or caused by eruption of Mount Toba with "mega colossal" category. After the eruption, for many years the sun could not touch the earth blocked by the volcanic ash. Due to the gigantic eruption, the climate of the globe changed extremely, the ice age began. Mostly, the earth's creature was extinct due to the freezing condition and water pollution. The eruption resulted in the biggest crater in the universe. Mount Pusuk Buhit was formed at the end of eruption process.

Lake Toba has the deepest part about 505 meters, and located at 905 meters above sea level. Situated in the middle of the lake, Samosir covers an area of 630 km2 is island within island which is the largest and the highest in the world. In Samosir, we can see the beauty of lake on island surrounded by lake. There are many waterfalls. Nowadays, Lake Toba is the world's biggest natural dam, and the out flow of the water only through Asahan River equipped with control station at Siruar. Of course, in this article, we could write only the small parts of many interesting data.

Lake Toba is very beautiful with millions of mystery but management of infrastructure is similar to style of outskirt of town. The authority of tourism area has no idea or concept to be shared with the capital's owner, so they just built all facilities on their own interest. Existing water transport is not well managed. Tourists by boat will lose their interest to enjoy the lake if the toilet facilty is not standard and dirty.

Parapat, Tomok, Haranggaol, and Pangururan are abandoned and developed to town of "anti tourism". Many accomodations building are not neatly built. The beach side is full of shelters, kioks, and fish farm which spoil the the scenery. The fruit and food seller have no sense of giving mutual advantage to consumers.

Garbage is found everywhere. Water plant, garbage, fish farm keep on running to spoil the view of lake's surface. The hotel site not only on the lakeside but some hotels built on the reclaimed land from the lake. Back to to the past time to learn, all the houses of the kings in Tomok were built far from the lake side. The royal house and settlement were built behind the big tree. But why the following generation of Batak Land are against it by building hotel and accomodation that have spoiled the lake?


Developing Lake Toba as tourism area should not only depending on capital orientation but nature tourism concept for special interest could also be intensified. Lake Toba area has all conditions for nature tourism and special interest. Many things have to be well packaged to attract tourist. There are legend and folklore of the local people about the origin of Lake Toba. Until now, some of them still believe in a large fish living in the depth of the water in Sikodon kodon where the fish, in certain period, will appear to the surface of the water. There is a point in the lake where the foot of the rainbow always begins at the same location. There is cursed river where the upstream has huge stone and the downstream has only sand.


Many people do not know that on top of Samosir Island is flat, and a unique beautiful lake is found. The power of positive metaphysic energy from Pucuk Buhit has been spread widely to all over the world. Many tourists with special interest come for meditation to absorb the energy to improve menthal and physical health. Naturally, we can see and feel the symptom of mystic in Pusuk Buhit.


For those who is interested in culture, the Batak tradition is based on calender of moon circulation as the source of knowledge. Why the ancestor of Batak made "Declaration of Pusuk Buhit" is explaining that they are direct descendant from the sky? Why the eldest son has the privilege to speak in special ceremony? Why most of the eldest and the youngest son not going out of the village? Any discrimination in gender? Unfortunately, these unique informations are not yet made into interesting tourism product.


While the exoticism of Parapat is fade away, a bright hope to reborn the fame of Lake Toba has begun from the area of Sikodon kodon, Silalahi, and Merek.The construction of the ringroad along the lake will support the new nature tourism. On top of the hill agrotourism industry and Spritual Tourism Centre have been built and operated by PT Merek Indah Lestari.


Sikodon kodon which located right under PT MIL, can be reached by land transport and in the near future also can be reached by cable car and hang glide as well. The journey via Sikodon kodon-Silalahi-Pangururan is promising something unusual. It is very hard to tell due to its beauty and opportunity to feel the metaphysical mystery it has.


In Pangururan, tourist will be welcomed by a hotspring tour object. Perhaps spa with aroma therapy will invite more to those who cares for their physical health. The trip will be more interesting by using comfortable and representative cruise ship. The more exclusive the facility and the route, the more quality in price.


Although the potency of the newest tour object is very promising, the final output will depend on the management operation. A tendency to spoil the nature has begun by building the accomodation near the hotspring and other spots in the reclaimed lake. The government authority must strict and have the strong heart to demolish all constructions in the lake side. All buildings must be built against the lake. The government along with the hotel owner and travel bureau have to work together to ancipate the water availaibility, social sanitary engineering, hotel facility, garbage and waste water treatment, as well as public health quality in the surrounding tour object.


To avoid the dangerous threat that could damage the nature is a must condition to maintain the interest of visitor to come to the tour object. Management has to calculate supporting facility, circulation and period of visit, because it has a link with carrying capacity and visitor's attitude. Now it is time to sell the tourism product not only to satisfy the visitor's interest, but we have to calculate the possible threat to the nature.


Various tour objects in physical as well as metaphysics must be made into high quality product. Tour product sold without availability of the stakeholder with good manner, structure and infrastructure, and standard facillity, will slowly spoil the image of the tour object. The beautiful nature will fade away in the visitor's mind due to the unforgetable bad experience. What a pity, no buyer for a high quality product, or just sold out on sale, for the owner of the product does not have knowledge and ability.


By Jaya Arjuna


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